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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Data Entry Pro

If you are just starting to think about working at home and/or you have been looking around at different options you have probably at least thought about data entry.
How easy would that be? Sign up with a company, they will send you information and you just enter in the computer! Pretty simple right?
Hmm well don't get your hopes up!
While there are companies who will hire you for data entry jobs, they are not easy to get hired on with. There are hundreds if not thousands of people applying for these jobs every day. The competition is fierce.
Here is how Data Entry Pro works. For $99.95 (sale price)they will tell you how to make money doing data entry at home. They tell you there are thousands of companies who want you to work for them and that you will never be rejected by a company. They even show you paychecks from people who are doing this and making great money!
Here is what you get for your fee: You will be directed to sign up with Clickbank, an affiliate company. They will show you exactly how to go through Clickbank and choose companies that pay a high percentage per sale or click. Once you have signed up to be an affiliate for those companies they tell you how to place ad's for those companies by signing up with pay per click programs through google and overture. This means you will agree to pay google and overture a certain amount for every click. Google and overture will place your ads for these companies on other peoples websites and you will make money when one of those clicks converts into a sale.
Thats all there is to it!

My take: You can sign up with Clickbank for free. Basically you are just paying for information on how to start your own little affiliate business.

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