This blog is meant to help you determine which work at home job or program is for you. I am not making any determinations on whether or not a particular program is a scam. I am simply giving you the information to make that call for yourself.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

1 Step System

This is one you will definately need to do some research on if you are thinking of joining.  From what I have been able to gather.  1 Step System is a marketing tool.  You spend around $600 to get the marketing information.  It is supposed to tell you how to market your business and drive traffic to your websites, etc, etc.  Everything to do with marketing.  Now you can use that information to make your business a success or you can sign up to resell the 1 Step System and make money as well.  From what I understand you pay a monthly fee and you use the marketing techniques you learned to get people to come to your 1 Step System website and register for a phone call.  The call is placed by one of the owners if I have it right.  If he talks anyone into buying the system you make $500 for the sale. 
It is all a little weird to me and there are lots of threads on message boards where you can do some research.  From the things I have learned I would personally stay away from this one but do some looking around and decide for yourself.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Telecommuting is a very legitimate way to work from home and make money.  Telecommuting is a "job".  You work for a company from your home.  Sometimes the companies will provide you with a computer, software, phone line etc.  Other times you provide the computer and phone line and they reimburse you for calls.  There are many ways it can be set up.  The big difference is that you are working for a real company, this does not mean you answer an ad in the classifieds and pay a fee.  You actually fill out a real application, have a background check sometimes, get interviewed etc.  One place you can find out about these jobs is at, they update their list very often with real job listings and you can also see a list of the companies that others work for and apply with those companies as well.  The important thing to remember when you are looking to telecommute is that it should be JUST like if you went out to a company and filled out an application.  The process is the SAME.   There are no easy "send us $35 and we will give you all the data entry jobs you can handle" jobs.   Visit this link for the updated job list at
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Friday, April 21, 2006

Plan4power is set up as a matrix.  My personal thought on these types of deals is that they are schemes.  The people who start them make some money because they started it and then they build up all the hype to keep people getting in.  Kind of like the old pyramid schemes.  When you go to the website they don't give you much information.  You have to join first naturally.  Then you can find out what is going on.  Basically they tell you that they are all working as a group to sell an e-book (they give no clue what this book is about) and then once you have referred a certain amount of people and gotten them to join you get to move into the second phase and everyone starts sharing in the profits of this ebook.  I have to give this one a thumbs down.
Here is a little bit from one of their hawkers:
"Here is a brief synopsis.

Plan4Power is a private organization of individuals. There is no cost to join, however, it is only open to individuals who have purchased the eBook which cost one-time $25.

We are a GROUP of PEOPLE who want the same goals.

We all want a downline that will NOT quit.

We all want to guarantee that if we take the time to promote something and BUILD a team, they WILL join us in the income streams that are recommended.

Plan4Power solves this simply.

When we promote Plan4Power we are helping the "group" make eBook sales to create revenue for the group.

When we our personal referrals result in sales, we get "credit" as their referrer in every program we join as part of Plan4Power.

Once someone has 2 people on their first level due to personal sales and/or spillover, the proceeds from those 2 eBook sales are used to pay that members' way into a monthly subscription based advertising co-op.

It is in this Phase II advertising co-op (which, by the way, will be called eProfitPromo and will be an eProfitEnterprises owned program run by Colette and Gayanna), that those eBook sales dollars are leveraged into income AND bonuses that give you (and your team) membership into outside businesses.

The key with Plan4Power is simple.

You only need to build a strong 2x4 team (which means those people also build a 2x4). At that point, you start earning and are paid into all the programs.

What happens on your lower levels (where you lose control on being able to help people directly yourself, as no ONE person can create enough spillover for 500-1000 folks by themselves) doesn't matter, because you get paid per person on those levels ... they do not have to be full.

Here's the incentive. Referring 2 people earns you MUCH more than doing nothing. And if each person refers 2, there will never be a "stall".

Referring 6 people qualifies you to earn THOUSANDS of dollars more per month.

Again, another built-in incentive for people to KEEP working until they AT LEAST have 6 people!

So, the only question is how fast can YOU and YOUR TEAM fill a 2x9 matrix?

That's just 1024 people.

Here's the income potential from the one-time $25 eBook purchase and
the benefit of accepting membership in Plan4Power (NO additional costs,
and NO monthly fees!):

When you have 30 ACTIVE people who each have 30 ACTIVE people on
their teams, you will have a Full 2x4 in the Phase II and Phase III
programs. Your earnings will increase as the levels below continue to
fill when each person refers 2-6 people in this 2x forced matrix.

Full 2x4 (30 people) = $994.50 per month

Level 5 (32) = $1802 + $994.50 = $2796.50 total

Level 6 (64) = $6964.50 + $2796.50 = $9761.00 total

The lower levels are based on performance (to reward those who
actually work). I encourage everyone to refer 2-6 people, so you can
benefit from the levels where the earnings really grow.

Refer 2 customers and earn on Level 7(128) = $10,690 + $9761.00 =
$20,451 total

Refer 3 customers and earn on Level 8 (256) = $16,922.50 + $20,451 =
$37,373.50 total

Refer 4 customers and earn on Level 9 (512) = $24,748 + $37,373.50 =
$62,121.50 total

Refer 5 customers and earn on Level 10 (1024) = $46,554.50 +
$62,121.50 = $108,676 total

Refer 6 customers and earn on Level 11 = (2048) = $20,480 + $108,676
= $129,156 total

Total team members = 4096 to earn more than $1 million per year.

If you're like me, and you find 2 more people like us, well, you're going to have no problem.

If you join I will give you two adsense books for free: Adsense Secrets and Adsense Empire which sells on the internet for $97 and $67 respectively. Visit the websites below to have a look - this is not a FREE stuff - You will not get such a great deal for only one-time $25."

You won't get a good deal falling for this either more than likely!"
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Coupon Canada is apparently a home job where you pay a fee $39.99 or $29.99 (red flag right there) and then they send you a booklet with instructions. 
You are supposed to "process" coupons by putting them in order on a worksheet, you simply send the worksheets and coupons back in and then you get paid.  Wow.  How easy is that?
Well the truth is, first YOU have to find the coupons, they don't send them to you.  You list the coupons on their worksheet, send all the coupons in and get paid.  That is, IF the worksheets meet their specifications exactly.  I was able to find ONE person who had sent in three worksheets and got paid for half of ONE worksheet.  The rest were rejected for whatever reason. 
So, first you pay for the materials, then you pay for the newspapers and magazines to find the coupons and then you do all the work to get them in the right order and typed into the worksheets and then you MIGHT get paid. 
I have not found a single person who was happy with this company or their experiences.  I would give it a big NO THANKS...
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My google job

I just found and it looks to be another name for a dataentrypro type program. 
You will pay them money and they will tell you to go to clickbank, set up an account, and choose some companies to start advertising for.  Then you will need to set up an adwords account at google.  Once you have done that you will place advertisements for the companies you affiliated with.  You will pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements. 
You make money whenever someone clicks on the ad and then makes a purchase.  Now in reality if you can find great companies this all might actually be feasible.  However I have heard of people who spent more placing the ads than they ever made from actual sales. 
I love the part in this advertisement that explains you can make good money running and maintaining a website but that it takes a lot of work.
In my opinion affiliate advertising has gotten a bad name because of the above type programs. However the fact is you CAN set up a website and WORK it everyday and make money from affiliate advertising.  nbsp; 
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Here is another one found on a popular job listing.  It sounds really great but turns out to be another one of those deals where they send you a cashiers check, you deposit it in your account, keep part of the money and then wire them the rest.  Same as the transfer agent scams I talked about here:

$10,000-$14,000 per month ; No experience necessary.Start today!

Save this job | Email this job | Printer-Friendly Version
Company: TP&T Inc.
Location: US-OH-Cleveland
Base Pay: $50,000 - $240,000/Year
Employee Type: Part-Time Employee
Industry: Employment - Recruiting - Staffing
Manages Others: yes

We only promote those opportunities which are legitimate. We are very passionate about protecting you from companies that don't deliver what they promise. We understand that our reputation is at stake. Most of the jobs require only a computer and an internet connection (and if you're reading this, you obviously have access to both).

Want to be home with your kids, but still need extra income? It's time to start your own lucrative home-based business. Look for a work at home job or home based business opportunities.

So don?t let this opportunity pass you by. We urge you to consider this opportunity while you still have time, and let us hear from you soon? act today

Have you ever wondered how some people can appear to do far less than you do in a day ...and yet they have more money and more free time than you will ever get to see? Let's face it... deep inside you know there is better way. And you are absolutely right!

Be among the FIRST in your area to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Make More Money
Be Your Own Boss
Work When YOU Want to
Live the LifeStyle You Deserve

You can start to work at home today!

There are no fees involved, No Money to spend, Ever !!!

What we ask:

# 2-3 free hours weekly - not including weekends
# Internet access for sending and receiving e-mails
# You must be over 20 years old.
# U.S. citizenship.

There will be no fees at any kind to work with us.
There is no cold calling, no telemarketing, no door to door sales and no relying on friends and family.
Just send the resume and one member of our company will contact you as soon as possible.

No experience necessary

Simply click on the "Apply now" link below to contact us.

IL - Chicago
$10,000-$14,000 per month ; No experience necessary.Start today!
TP&T Inc.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Taste of Home Entertaining

Taste of Home Entertaining looks like a fantastic direct sales opportunity.  My first experience with Taste of Home was in a box of cookbooks I was given a couple of years ago.   It was packed full of the Taste of Home magazines.  I can't tell you how many hours I have spent poring over those magazines!  They are chock full of awesome recipes. 
Taste of Home Entertaining looks to be of the same quality and a lot of fun.
You can get started with $199.00 for your start up kit plus $20 shipping and handling and any applicable tax.  The kit is valued at $650 and includes a ton of products and all your business supplies.
You earn 25% commission plus a 5% business supply credit.  You can see the kit by visiting the website. 
To help you grow your business they have personal websites and a ton of reasonably priced products!  Products range from $9.99 up to $199.00 and most of the products are under $25.  This makes for a pretty easy sell especially since the products are of great quality. 
If you enjoy entertaining or cooking and are looking for a direct sales business this looks like a great one!
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription is a legitimate job that allows you to make money and in some cases you can do this from home. 
Doctors dictate a lot of their patient notes into a tape recorder and then the transcriptionist listens to those notes and types them up.  The transcriptionist will generally use a dictation machine to do this. 
To be successful in this type of work you need to have a good knowledge of medical terminology, the english language and great typing skills. 
There are a number of schools who will teach you these things and also how to use the dictation machine.  Taking these courses will not guarantee you a job.  In fact most places want you to have experience as well.  Of course this is the typical catch 22, you can't get a job without experience and you can't get the experience without a job. 
Some people will volunteer their services and prove themselves.  Others network and wait for an opportunity.  There are ways to make it happen.  Get a job in a doctors office or hospital for instance until a transcription job comes open.  In fact I worked in a podiatrists office at one time and I remember their transcriptionist had to take maternity leave and I volunteered.  I had never done transcription, never used a dictation machine or anything even close.  I taught myself how to use the machine which was fairly easy and I already knew most of the terminology from working in the office.   If this had been a career choice that I wanted to persue it would have been just that easy to get started. 
I don't know if you actually need to take any of the courses to do this type of work in your area but the American Association of Medical Transcriptionists has a great website with lots of information.  You should definately spend some time here if this is an area you are thinking of persuing: 
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Liberty League International

Liberty League International appears to sell information.  You in turn sell this information to others and make money.  There is a lot of disagreement about how ethical this concept is.  I read a lot of reports from people who stated that after you spend your hard earned money (and it isn't cheap) to get the original CD's and binder you will then be pressured into spending thousands of dollars to go to conferences. 
What strikes me is the number of complaints they have especially in the sales area.  That alone would be enough to make me very cautious.  
While I was researching this company I came across this message on a message board and wanted to share it with you.  It is well written and only details one persons experiences with this company but I feel it is also a great lesson on why you should be careful and do some research before you join in any venture.  This was written by username NoName:
Everyone here please read my story with LLI. Specially if you are thinking about signing up soon.

I joined in Jan 2005 totally excited and blown away on the commissions and how so many people were making the money they were. I thought, hey I'm pretty smart I know I can do this. I made friends in the business fast and attended all the events. I was a little disappointed when I found out other people were in the business for months with no success but I thought I was better and could follow through. I'm confident, great on the phone - I was the perfect person to be the next big LLI success story.

So I did everything "they" said and I mean everything. I read 50 affirmations every night. I listened to my CD's in my car just about everyday. I didn't watch much TV and radio before I got in to LLI, so that helped already. I spent thousands on ads and leads and called over 1100 people. I got qualified my first 3 weeks. Then all hell broke loose. I could not signup anyone for the life of me.

I poured my heart, life and soul and sacrificed things. LLI was my life and it was all I cared about. I thought shane was God and I loved all the people in the business. I borrowed $10,000 from my dad. I told my dad I was positive about everything and I even faxed him an agreement that I would pay him back in full by April 4th 2005 (I remember it very vividly). I already had my own business so i used all my earnings on LLI. I had the gas shut off in my house, I had the water shut off and also the electric shut off. I still till this day have all those notices they hang on your door knob. Our new house of only 6 months entered foreclosure. We had this house custom built to our liking, everything to carpet, flooring, wall texture and paint. But I had one thing in mind and it was all about "where I was going". I guess God tried to give me a clue and I didn't respond.

After 6 months of poring my life into this business I lost my house and my wife and I got a divorce. She hated the business. I now live in a 1 bedroom apartment and see my son 1 week a month and I'm $25000 in debt. My life turned upside down.

Few months after I got my self back up on my feet and got my self back into what I enjoyed doing more. Long story-short I now make 6 figures a year and met a beautiful women that loves people that are determined to reach thier goals. I'm planning on moving to Las Vegas to enjoy the heat.

LLI is just like anything else, you have to work just as hard. All MLM's are the same, they take the same amount of work and time and money, you just need to find out what is right for you. Better yet, open your own business and work it hard like you would LLI or anything else.

I'll be a millionaire someday but not because of LLI. I don't blame anyone for anything, you just need to do what you are good at and find a way to make money doing that. Forcing yourself doesn't work, as you see I have tried that.

Wish you the best of success.
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Nigerian scams

I was looking at a "Get rich in 14 days" opportunity to find out exactly what it was about and share it with you when I ran across this site instead:
I decided this would be more fun to write about! 
At some point either you or someone you know has gotten those letters and emails from some person in Nigeria or elsewhere since this is spreading.  The letters usually state that the writer is a wealthy person or had a wealthy relative who died and now the government wants to take their money.  They need your help.  Would you please allow them to deposit a huge sum of money into your bank account and in return they will pay you a hefty fee.  It is worth it for them to pay the fee because they will still get to keep most of their money. 
Of course this is all a scam. 
I have oftened wondered how and why they decide to do this.  Well I think this website explains it all. 
It is just like all the get rich quick websites we are bombarded with but it is targeted towards Nigerians and promises them they can make lots of money and it will even help their country get out of poverty. 
There are probably a lot of people in Nigeria who are even more desperate to make decent money and escape than what you would see in other places. 
The part I found really funny is at the end.  If you scroll down you can find out how to make money by exporting Ox gallstones or breeding snails.
My point is this is a pretty obvious scam.. Take a look and imagine you are a Nigerian who is desperate to make money.  Would you fall for it?  When you are looking at businesses and programs for yourself try to keep this site in mind and see if you can find similiarities. 
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Friday, April 07, 2006

Power of People Network

The Power of People Network is a "gifting" program.  Apparently you are supposed to gift a few thousand dollars to a person and then a bunch of people will gift you a few thousand dollars.  Well now that sounds like win win situation, NOT.. 
Although the claim is that this is not a pyramid scheme it is pretty darn close.  They have apparently been operating just under the law.  Even so it seems they were shut down anyway. 
Be aware that they have reemerged though using the acronym POPN.  
You will see ad's like "Im POPN are you?"  This is the same people and you will lose your money.  I can't believe they ask for such a high amount of money to do this.  In one thread I was reading they even admitted that it was illegal to do this through the postal service and that any money sent through the postal service would be refused!  How crazy is that?   You can read about one persons experience here on Forbes message board:
You can also do a google search for "Power of People Network" (use the quotes) and you will see tons of listings about this being a scam.
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Paid to drive

Can you get paid to drive your car?  Is it a scam?  Why would someone pay you to drive around doing your errands or going to work? 
I wrote about this just this morning with the intention of letting the readers of wahmscam know what it was all about.  However I was a little off this morning as well and I posted it to the Katieshugs blog instead.  So I will just direct you to that article and you can learn if it is a scam or if it is for real...
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Intersol Services

Intersol Services is just one name that this type of scheme falls under.  Lately I have ran across a number of people falling for it too.
You will typically recieve an email from someone who saw your resume on a job site or it will just come through as spam.  I will post a copy of the email at the end here.  
It all sounds really great as you can see but what it really amounts to is that you will be sending out the SAME type of email and you will make money from each person who pays you to get the same information.  You will basically charge people $10 or so and then tell them to place the same ads, send the same emails, and get people to pay them for each "application processed"... What a disappointment for people who are truly looking for a job.   Here is the email you get:
From: ***********
Date: 2006/02/15 Wed PM 12:26:31 MST
To: **************
Subject: Re: Jobvertise Resume for Home Skilled & Unskilled
Clerical Positions

Hello and thank you for your interest in our Home

A home position is a great opportunity for stay at
home moms, dads, students or anyone who wants to work
from the comfort of home. With this system anyone can
make an income at home. There is no calling strangers,
stuffing envelopes or taking surveys. This work from
home opportunity is totally legitimate, and how
successful you are only depends on the time and effort
you put forth on your end.
By now you might be curious and want to know some
details, well here they are.
We are seeking only honest, self-motivated people who
can work independently. If you want to earn while you
learn, then this is for you.
The preferred applicants should be at least 18 years
old. No experience is needed as training is provided.

The following skills are desirable:
1 Basic computer and typing skills
2 Ability to spell and print neatly
3 Ability to follow instructions
1 Computer with Internet access
2 Valid email address
3 Good typing skills
4 Basic Internet knowledge
5 Printer

This opportunity requires that you have a computer
with E-mail access, an email account, an internet
connection, basic internet knowledge, and good typing
skills. You can choose to work full or part time. You
will be able to choose the hours and days of the week
that you want to work.
You do not have to contact anyone via phone; all
contacts will be made via E-mail. There is no cold
calling! You will be processing orders which will be
explained to you in the training materials. There is
no contract to sign, the amount of orders you choose
to process is entirely up to you. As with any job you
must be willing to work hard and try to respond to the
orders in a timely manner.

You will be paid $10 - $15 for each application you
process. The amount of money that you earn is
entirely up to you, it depends on the amount of time
and effort you choose to put forth. The average person
makes $200 - $400 per week. These Home Positions can
earn as much as $300.00 - $500.00 per week. You will
be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for
tax time, as we do NOT take out taxes or provide you
with a 1099 form. This is entirely your

The training materials you receive will give you step
by step instructions on how to get started. When you
receive you the materials you may begin working the
MATERIALS VIA USPS. You may choose a diskette or CD

Method of Payment:
How you will be paid is up to you. You can receive pay
by check, money order, or through Paypal. You are not
going to be paid on a weekly basis; you will be paid
for each application that you process.

To Apply:
There is a "One Time Non-Refundable Processing Fee" of
$8.50 USD. This fee is to cover the cost of the
training materials, processing your application and
shipping and handling. Once you process your very
first order, you will have made back this fee.
"GUARANTEED"! You can pay the processing fee by
credit card, e-check or cash by clicking on the Paypal
link below.


Please allow at least 10 business days to receive your
software and information. Processing will start once
your fee has been received. If we do not accept your
request for any reason, the fee will be returned to
you. However, the fee is non-refundable once the
packet has been shipped, so please make sure you
understand the information and requirements before you
request the packet.

Below are some frequently asked questions.
1 Why is there a fee?
We have to cover our expenses in recruiting
individuals, processing applications and training. We
require a low one time non-refundable fee of $8.50
USD. There will be no other charges to you, however
the fee must be received before your request will be
processed. This small processing fee is charged to
protect ourselves from those who are not serious about
this work at home opportunity. No business can afford
to cover administrative costs, wasted time or provide
materials to everyone who inquires about this
position. This small fee assures us that you are
serious about working from home. Once you have
processed your first order, you will have already made
back the cost of the training materials. When you
receive your training materials, you may begin working
the very same day.
2 How long is the training?
Most applicants typically complete the training
within 24 hours or less. However you can do this at
your leisure; take as long or as little time as you
would need.
3 What kind of orders am I processing?
The orders will be for business and financial
reports. It does NOT involve anything illegal or
pornographic in nature. Also to process just one order
usually takes about 15-20 minutes. Once you have
accepted the orders you want to process, you will need
to respond to process them promptly. Printers are
required to print out instructions; however a copy
machine will also work. You can begin working full
time or part time, the choice is up to you. The more
you work, the greater your income will be!
4. What if I have questions not covered in the
training material?

The Training Materials give you step-by-step
instructions on how to get started. In addition, we
offer full online support to help you set up the job
and start earning a second income. Our Customer Care
department will answer any question not covered in the
training materials sent. We will not leave you
stranded. We are available for questions M-F
8:00am-5:00pm CST. Emails are answered in 24-48 hrs,
except for holidays.

This work from home opportunity will make you real
money. However, as with any job, you must be willing
to work, and it does require some time and effort to
be successful. The amount of money you can make is
virtually endless; it only depends on the time and
effort you put forth. If you do the job, as outlined
in the information material, you will earn money. If
you are serious about working from home, and are
willing to put forth time and effort, then we look
forward to hearing from you.

Intersol Services

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Recovery Manager

This one has been around for awhile.  Supposedly you buy software for around $30 that enables you to get lists from places like DHL, Fed Ex etc.  There is even a version involving HUD.  These lists are supposed to let you find people who the companies owe money to.  You apply for the refund on behalf of the customer and you get to keep 50% or so.
Well now.. if a company owes me money Im not about to pay anyone 50% of the refund because they applied for me.  Moreover, I don't think you can legally apply for someone elses refund.  If you are not the person owed the money you can't do anything about it.  
I don't think this scheme is possible.  If you have tried it or know of anyone else who has I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment.
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