This blog is meant to help you determine which work at home job or program is for you. I am not making any determinations on whether or not a particular program is a scam. I am simply giving you the information to make that call for yourself.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys is one of my favorite companies!  I love their products.  They sell toys for kids in all age groups.  In general the toys are very educational and a lot of fun.  I purchased one of the little toys that you stick on to the front of a stroller so your child can play with it while you are strolling.  I believe it is one of the very few infant toys still floating around the house.  Just the fact that it is from discovery toys means something to me.  If I was going to go into Direct Sales this company would be at the top of my list.  Take a look at this interview with a Discovery Toy rep to see what it is all about and if it might be for you:   Discovery Toy Interview

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Escaping Work at Home Scams

Escaping Work At Home Scams
By Tony Jacowski 

Work at home scams’ are one of the fantabulous creations of criminal minds. Some of them are so very cleverly designed that, barring a few which are blatant, they appear very legitimate. Preying on weak people that are starved for money, these scam masters target vulnerable people through ads run in newspapers and Internet classifieds.

Escaping these scams means not taking the bait and calls for lots of grit and analytical thinking so as not to miss to miss a genuine opportunity. The aim of this article is not to list opportunities but to help you to develop a more critical line of thinking.

How Work at Home Scams Operate

What you must keep in mind is that scam operators take refuge under the premise that running an ad, even under false pretenses, is not tantamount to breaking the law. This is because at any point in time, any opportunity is possible in theory. Plus, the ads are very carefully worded, probably in consultation with legal experts.

1. Suspect any offers and ads that promise huge sums of money for a peanut of an investment. Ads that don’t make economic sense will not stand the scrutiny of time and common sense. If you fall for this type of ad, the operator will have made money and you will have lost yours.

2. If you are asked to pay for any kind of registration or membership, test them by asking to reduce the amount of your first payment – I guarantee that they will refuse. Ask for references, someone that you can talk to, in the area that you live in. I suspect even this will be met with a cold response or a refusal.

3. The mother of work-at-home scams started with MLM (multi-level-marketing), the so-called high paying job. (With due respect to genuine companies, we are talking about scams one.) MLM works on the theory of passing on the marketing cost to the consumer against all purchases. Sounds good, doesn’t it! What they don’t tell you is you need to invest a lot of effort plus a lot of money to see any income. Additionally, you get this chain started only when you have a threshold number of customers under you (called downline,) and they purchase some minimum amount of goods regularly. Well, why won’t this work? Number one: the payback theory works if payback occurs instantaneously, not a month later. Number two: The goods are either expensive or worthless. Number three: Your returns are only proportional to your downline. Number four: Costly maintenance (training workshops and seminars.)

4. The best way to begin to work at home is to look around for jobs in your town. If someone across the country can hire you, why not a real company in the city where you live? You can judge your employer by meeting them in person.

Avoiding the lure of work-at-home scams is all about applying the common-sense test. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions – Six Sigma Online ( offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

VMC Satellite

VMC Satellite is an opportunity that many people are already successful at.  As a VMC Satellite affiliate your job is to promote television satellite systems.  That is it.  The company takes care of the actual sales and the installation etc.  You just promote the dish using your affiliate ID. 
Here is the catch.  Most people sign up with the thought and idea that "hey, I can just use the website they give me, advertise it on the internet and watch the money come in", the second fallacy is along the same lines but goes like this: "I can promote the opportunity, get others to sign up and make money from their sales!"  Remember when we talked about downlines and how it is important to actually sell the product?  This is the same thing.
Everyone I know who is making good money from the satellite systems does NOT do it strictly online.  They print up the flyers, place them in new apartment complexes, new subdivision developments, post them everywhere they can think of.  Some people even pay to put their ads in those little envelopes of coupons you get in the mail.  There are tons of great ways to promote the dishes but if you try to do it strictly online you will probably fail. 
If this is a job you are interested in trying out to work from home just Click Here and you can get all the details!   VMC Satellite

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Friday, June 23, 2006

My Entrepreneur Guide

Here is a website you MUST see.  What I love about this place is that he tells you upfront and with no cost how to make money online.  He gives you the exact same information all of those data entry places and typing places want to charge you for.  He goes into step by step detail on how to make money with adwords etc.  I love it!   If you are thinking of dishing out the money for one of those work at home data entry and or typing jobs save your money and read this first!
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Arbonne is another great company with some awesome products.  I know quite a few people who are in this business and love it.  If you are looking to join a direct sales company and you love beauty products you should take a look at this one.  Here is an interview with an Arbonne rep, see what she has to say and find out if this is for you!

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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Ultimate Work from Home Kit

The first time I saw this touted It sounded so humorous that I really thought it was a joke!  I had to go to the website and check it out.  The bottom line is I am NOT convinced that it isn't a joke.   You supposedly get all these tons of tons of materials for working at home and all for only $5!   Now if you sign up for this please remember, if you get what you pay for it isn't a scam.  Are all these materials worth $5?  I suppose if you see something you could really use then they might be.  Most of the stuff listed is still stuff you could find online for free, how to write and publish ebooks, games, tips for better sleep, etc. etc.  At least it is all amusing..I still partly think it is the owners attempt at sarcasm towards the work at home industry though.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A healthy product company

Here is an interview with Amber.  Amber has been with this particular company for 8 years and is very happy with them.   She is not allowed to mention the name of the company in her interview but you will be able to see who she is with just by looking at the link for her website.  I don't want to mention it here and take the chance of getting her into trouble but this is a legitimate company and might be what you are looking for if you want to get into direct sales.  Read the interview and see for yourself! 
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More on data entry

This is a message from a thread in a forum that I found which deals with the subject of ezdatajobs.  I know I have talked about this kind of work from home before but I wanted to share this with you.   These types of jobs can be confusing for some people because they sound like your typical data entry position and it seems like you will be working from home for an actual company.   Here is the message which explains what happened to one person:
"Two weeks ago I answered an email that took me to a site called ezdatajobs offering a data entry job. I would be working for these companies filling out forms online and that information would be provided for me in the members area. Sounded exactly what I was after as I needed more time for my family especially my daughter who has a serious disability. As my current job is a casual position, I do not work, I do not get paid. So I thought great extra income for those times I can not go to work. Big mistake! I paid my money $99.95 (oh by the way I am from Australia so the $99.95 is about $135.00 AU). After paying, it took me to an instructions area which I found to be totally confusing for the most part and misleading. There appeared to be no members area and when I emailed their help address, the email was returned, marked could not deliver, address unknown. The same with their contact and refund email addresses. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE OR REFUND. They do not refund the money and they say you have to give it a good try for 60 days before you can apply for a refund and by then you have no chance. First you have to sign up for a clickbank account that is the easy part. Then you have to choose what companies to work for and as there are 10000+ companies who do you go with. You then get hoplinks for those companies. Then you have to sign up with google adwords and/or overture, pay more money and then place ads for the companies you choose. As the system work on a Cost Per Click you could be paying out something like $300 per month just in advertising and that is for each company you choose. And all before you have been paid a cent. As all the companies work on a commisssion based income, unless there is a direct sale from your advert using your hoplink, you get paid nothing. I am not saying that no-one has not benefited from this system but it appears to me that those who have, are people advertising these particular data entry programs that make the money. That is where it was a moral dilemma for me. I just could not advertise something that was misleading and confusing to someone else and have them sucked in like I was.
I was also enquiring about but I have received an email this morning and it also appears that these people run the same sort of program as the others. Anyway these are my comments. I was new to all of this two weeks ago and I wish I had known about your site before paying out any money. If anyone has any information on how to find out about legitimate internet businesses or to do checks on them before signing up I would greatly appreciate it."
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Avon interview

Avon is a network marketing company that has been around for ages and ages!  Remember the commercials?  Ding Dong, Avon calling, or something close to that!   When you look at companies like Avon it is amazing to me how many people can STILL say that network marketing is a farce.  There are SO many people who are successful in this business and they are not all at the top.  You could start today and find yourself making a decent living in no time. 
If for some reason you haven't heard of Avon before now, they are a company that sells makeup, perfume, jewelry, clothes, gifts, etc.  They are the makers of Skin so Soft bath care products among other things. 
Our friend at Work at Home Mom recently posted an interview with Meg Johnson who works with Avon.  Take a look and see for yourself just how Avon might be the right company for you!
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Friday, June 09, 2006

Work at home television ads

At least three times a day I see television advertising telling me that I can work from home and make thousands of dollars a week or a day working part time.  They show me all these regular people who have bought big beautiful homes and cars and these people tell me they made $9000 in just one day! 
I always wonder what the real deal is behind these advertisements and tell myself that tomorrow I will do some research and figure it out but I always forget.  Today for some reason I remembered!
The surprising part was that it only took me about two minutes to figure it out.  I am amazed to think of how many people go directly to these websites and don't take the two minutes to do the research though.  That is exactly what these companies are banking on though.
When you go to the websites they tell you right up front that they are a "referral service".  Guess what this means for you?  Spam! Tons of it!
It all looks very harmless.  Go to the website, put in your name, address and phone number and you will be told almost immediately the secrets of working from home. 
What really happens?   I am guessing that one of two things happens, either way though your information is passed along to people who will inundate you with ways you can "work from home".
In one scenario, your information is sold to these people.  A good list of 10 thousand targeted leads can be sold for a very high amount of money and Im talking about a lot more than a few thousand dollars.  In the second scenario, you information is given outright and if you purchase the work at home information the originator of your information will get a commission.   I don't imagine these places that are paying for television advertising are just spending all that money to help you be able to work from home. 
You can find out a lot more about this and see the names of some of the websites by going to:
As you can see the owners of this particular website have already been threatened and I get plenty of that on my own.. lol.. the funny thing is that I found this website by searching on the website that I see advertised all the time, however that particular website is not in the list here.  They all seem to be owned by the same company though.   This means that just because the website you see advertised isn't in the list doesn't mean it isn't the same thing.
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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Scoping Careers

Court reporters typically use a stenograph to take detailed notes during court proceedings.  Stenographs use a special language and nowadays we have computer software which translates that language.  After the computerized translation the material still needs a lot of editing, hence, Scoping!
Scoping can be a very lucrative way to work from home.  Scopers are not only needed by court reporters but also in the medical field as well. 
Judy Barrett has been teaching and training in this field for over 20 years and has put together a great course to help you get started. 
Take a look at her website to get more detailed information about what exactly Scoping is and what would be expected of you.  This might just be the career you are looking for!
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What is a scam?

Yesterday I talked about some of the ways you can tell whether or not an opportunity is a scam.  Today I was thinking more about the same subject so I wanted to ask you, how do you define a scam?
Is it when you purchase what you think is an opportunity but turns out to be information?  Is it strictly when you don't get what you orginally paid for, say in the case of someone promising a job and they take your money and never contact you?  Is it something else?  Pyramid schemes?  Ponzi schemes?
Help me make this blog helpful to everyone by leaving a comment and telling how you define a scam. 
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Scam Warnings

I thought it was important to share this information.  Lately there has been some controversy about whether or not it is "okay" to sell information on working from home.  People of course have been selling information for a long time of course and on the internet there are tons and tons of people who sell information on how to work from home. 
My personal opinion is that selling information is akin to a used car salesman selling a lemon.  If the seller is upfront about the information they are selling and you know exactly what to expect then more power to them.  However if they are hiding behind phrases that make it sound like you will be working for an actual company and recieiving a paycheck from that company, then I feel they are lacking integrity. 
While doing some research for this blog today I was thrilled to find that BBB agrees with me! 
If you are looking to work from home I would really hope you will read all the information here:
Pay particular attention to this section from the BBB article:

"Cyberspace is simply the newest arena that scam artists have entered to widen their hunt for more people to dupe. To avoid falling for work-at-home scams, both on- and off-line, look for the following warning signs:

  • Overstated claims of product effectiveness;
  • Exaggerated claims of potential earnings, profits, or part-time earnings;
  • Claims of "inside" information;
  • Requirements of money for instructions or products before telling you how the plan works;
  • Claims of "no experience necessary."

While you are looking for a way to make money at home, if you see any of these things, a red flag should hit you on the head.  Take that as a clue that you need to stop and go no further.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Home Stager

This is a business opportunity that I had never heard of and just kind of stumbled on but it sounds like a great deal of fun!
Home Stagers or Fluffers come in and make reccomendations to home owners who are wanting to sell their homes.  They give advice on wall colors, repairs and arrangement of furniture, art and accessories etc.
Sound like something you might like?  Debra Gould is the creator of the Staging Diva Program and has put together a complete course to help you succeed.  I would love to go into more details on this great opportunity but there is so much information that I don't think I could do it justice here.  Instead, I will just direct you to the website where you will find all the answers you need!  You can take the free Diva quiz and find out if this might be the right work from home business for you:
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is it a scam?

Today I want to clarify what this blog is about and how it works.  It is not all about scams.  It is about work at home opportunities and what you can expect. 
It is important that when you are looking for a way to work from home that you do all your research so you are not surprised.  If someone tells you that they will show you how to make money from home you can bet your bottom dollar that they are just going to send you information.  I remember a few years ago when I had the opportunity to read an ebook that was selling for about $95.  It was poorly written and explained that you could make money online by writing your own ebook and selling it.  Were the people who bought this book scammed?  No.  They paid for information and information was delivered.  Did the people who bought this ebook feel like they were scammed?  A lot did, yes. 
The job of this blog is to help you know and understand what you will be getting into with various businesses and opportunities. 
A lot of people promote and or sell information that can usually be found for free if you look hard enough.  Once you start seeing the same terms and phrases used over and over you will have a good idea of what exactly is being offered and you can make a decision if it is information you are willing to pay for. 
Again, I am not making the determination here that any one place or offer is a scam.  I just want you to have the information you need to make a good choice.
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