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Monday, September 24, 2007

Transcription job!

Mountain West Processing is hiring and will allow you to work at home for this position:

From the website it appears that they are only hiring for a Corporate transcriber at this time.. get those applications in!

Transcriber:  We have three divisions: Legal, Corporate and Medical. 

Basic requirements for all divisions include:

            1.         High Speed Internet Access
            2.         Dependable computer running Windows 2000 or XP
            3.         Good quality headset (you may not use speakers nor may you plug your headset into the speakers
                        as this distorts the quality of the audio.)
            4.         Excellent typing and proof reading skills.
            5.         Ability to turn around a 10 minute audio in 60 minutes or less.
            6.         Available at least 10 hrs weekly.  Preference given to those available during the day, Monday through Friday.
            7.         An FTP file transfer program installed and working and be able to use it to download audio and
                        upload completed Word document.  There are many free ones.
            8.         Microsoft Word as a word processing program. Word Perfect or any other word processing program is not acceptable as these other formats are not accepted by our clients.

                                                             See full job description here

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