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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One of the funnest ways to work at home is by blogging.   Whenever I mention blogging as a way to make money from home I get a standard response.  People don't understand how it works or how to make blogging work for them. 

You can make money with a blog by using google adsense to generate income.  You can also sign up with blogitive and payperpost and post advertisements for them.   You can also use affiliate marketing through or linkshare.   These are the traditional ways to make money with a blog.

Another great way is to write a blog for a company or website.  More and more companies are finding out that blogging is a great way to get more traffic and therefore more customers. 

One website is looking for guides right now and pays very well.   You can go to and find out all you need to know.  The compensation package is great (I am thinking of applying!) and you can also find out what they expect experience wise. 

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