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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Contactthem Scam?

I recieved this email this morning and with all the promises of making a great amount of money from home just by advertising their links I had to check it out.

"Hi, We've seen your website at and we love it! We looked at your traffic rank and your link popularity. With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month to advertise our links on your website. If you're interested, read our terms from this page


 The ContactThem Network"

So of course I had to go digging and find out if ContactThem is a scam or if this was a real offer to advertise on my website.

It didn't take long to find out what was going on.   Contactthem is owned by Stephan Ducharme who you might remember as "TheFreeAdGuru". 

Still, making $4800 a month just for placing an ad on my site seems like a great deal.   Well that isn't exactly the case.   The ContactThem software lets you dig up information and statistics from many databases.   Why would you want to do that?   Well so you can send all those people a nice little email like the one I recieved and hopefully they will sign up under you as an affiliate.

So basically.. it's a spam email and the software makes it easy for you to spam others.

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