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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Know what you are getting into

With all of the free advertising places popping up and gaining popularity the work at home scammers and schemers are having a ball.  I was recently searching for some legit work at home jobs to post at It's Free and was amazed to see how many are posted everyday and all over the country. 

So how can you tell if it's a legit job offer or a work at home scam or scheme?    There are some things you can watch out for.   Most real job opportunites will include a business name, a job title, etc.   The schemes will always promise things like "no experience required", "start immediately" and "Make easy money".   Watch out for the terms "join my team", this typically translates to joining an MLM unless they are giving you the company name upfront.  

 You will also get to be familiar with terms like "Test products for companies" and the poster will make it seem like a job but they are really trying to get you to sign up for an offer site.   The same thing for "Research Participants needed", the poster wants you to sign up through their affiliate link for an offer site or survey site.  

Keep in mind, many focus groups DO post their openings on these advertising sites but they always tell you what company they are, they never just ask you to click on a link without giving you the details up front.


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