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Monday, July 02, 2007

Wahm arrested

Here is an article I hope a lot of people see. I really don't think this poor lady knew she was doing anything wrong. It also explains what exactly is going on with those payment processing scams. 

This lady answered an ad for an overseas job.   She thought she would be helping the "company" collect money locally and then she would wire the money to the company.

The thing to remember when you see these types of jobs because they often have different descriptions is "why they really need someone to do this type of work".   It really never makes sense from a logical standpoint.

Another thing to ask yourself is "Am I feeling desperate?"   If you are feeling desperate you become easy prey for these scam artists.  I have felt that frustrating sense of despair when searching for a way to work from home so I understand it.    Just don't let it overcome your sensibilities when searching.   There are real ways to work from home, these ad's just aren't going to be the way.

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