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Friday, June 09, 2006

Work at home television ads

At least three times a day I see television advertising telling me that I can work from home and make thousands of dollars a week or a day working part time.  They show me all these regular people who have bought big beautiful homes and cars and these people tell me they made $9000 in just one day! 
I always wonder what the real deal is behind these advertisements and tell myself that tomorrow I will do some research and figure it out but I always forget.  Today for some reason I remembered!
The surprising part was that it only took me about two minutes to figure it out.  I am amazed to think of how many people go directly to these websites and don't take the two minutes to do the research though.  That is exactly what these companies are banking on though.
When you go to the websites they tell you right up front that they are a "referral service".  Guess what this means for you?  Spam! Tons of it!
It all looks very harmless.  Go to the website, put in your name, address and phone number and you will be told almost immediately the secrets of working from home. 
What really happens?   I am guessing that one of two things happens, either way though your information is passed along to people who will inundate you with ways you can "work from home".
In one scenario, your information is sold to these people.  A good list of 10 thousand targeted leads can be sold for a very high amount of money and Im talking about a lot more than a few thousand dollars.  In the second scenario, you information is given outright and if you purchase the work at home information the originator of your information will get a commission.   I don't imagine these places that are paying for television advertising are just spending all that money to help you be able to work from home. 
You can find out a lot more about this and see the names of some of the websites by going to:
As you can see the owners of this particular website have already been threatened and I get plenty of that on my own.. lol.. the funny thing is that I found this website by searching on the website that I see advertised all the time, however that particular website is not in the list here.  They all seem to be owned by the same company though.   This means that just because the website you see advertised isn't in the list doesn't mean it isn't the same thing.
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