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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More on data entry

This is a message from a thread in a forum that I found which deals with the subject of ezdatajobs.  I know I have talked about this kind of work from home before but I wanted to share this with you.   These types of jobs can be confusing for some people because they sound like your typical data entry position and it seems like you will be working from home for an actual company.   Here is the message which explains what happened to one person:
"Two weeks ago I answered an email that took me to a site called ezdatajobs offering a data entry job. I would be working for these companies filling out forms online and that information would be provided for me in the members area. Sounded exactly what I was after as I needed more time for my family especially my daughter who has a serious disability. As my current job is a casual position, I do not work, I do not get paid. So I thought great extra income for those times I can not go to work. Big mistake! I paid my money $99.95 (oh by the way I am from Australia so the $99.95 is about $135.00 AU). After paying, it took me to an instructions area which I found to be totally confusing for the most part and misleading. There appeared to be no members area and when I emailed their help address, the email was returned, marked could not deliver, address unknown. The same with their contact and refund email addresses. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE OR REFUND. They do not refund the money and they say you have to give it a good try for 60 days before you can apply for a refund and by then you have no chance. First you have to sign up for a clickbank account that is the easy part. Then you have to choose what companies to work for and as there are 10000+ companies who do you go with. You then get hoplinks for those companies. Then you have to sign up with google adwords and/or overture, pay more money and then place ads for the companies you choose. As the system work on a Cost Per Click you could be paying out something like $300 per month just in advertising and that is for each company you choose. And all before you have been paid a cent. As all the companies work on a commisssion based income, unless there is a direct sale from your advert using your hoplink, you get paid nothing. I am not saying that no-one has not benefited from this system but it appears to me that those who have, are people advertising these particular data entry programs that make the money. That is where it was a moral dilemma for me. I just could not advertise something that was misleading and confusing to someone else and have them sucked in like I was.
I was also enquiring about but I have received an email this morning and it also appears that these people run the same sort of program as the others. Anyway these are my comments. I was new to all of this two weeks ago and I wish I had known about your site before paying out any money. If anyone has any information on how to find out about legitimate internet businesses or to do checks on them before signing up I would greatly appreciate it."
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