This blog is meant to help you determine which work at home job or program is for you. I am not making any determinations on whether or not a particular program is a scam. I am simply giving you the information to make that call for yourself.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What is a scam?

Yesterday I talked about some of the ways you can tell whether or not an opportunity is a scam.  Today I was thinking more about the same subject so I wanted to ask you, how do you define a scam?
Is it when you purchase what you think is an opportunity but turns out to be information?  Is it strictly when you don't get what you orginally paid for, say in the case of someone promising a job and they take your money and never contact you?  Is it something else?  Pyramid schemes?  Ponzi schemes?
Help me make this blog helpful to everyone by leaving a comment and telling how you define a scam. 
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