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Monday, July 10, 2006

Acting and extras

Extras needed!  I just read about this little scheme in the newspaper yesterday and thought it was a good one to bring to your attention.  It isn't exactly a work at home type business but if you are a stay at home mom or dad I could see where it would be tempting. 
The ad's read that actors and extras are needed for walk on and crowd scenes, no experience required etc.  Sounds great.  Here is your big break! 
Here is how the scheme really works.  After you contact them they tell you that they have a need for extras in a movie being made in say Hawaii.  They will pay you by direct deposit and you will make $3000 or so for just doing a few days work.  They will obviously need your bank account and routing numbers so you can be paid.  They also need you to contact their Travel Department to make arrangements for your airfare.  They want you to use their Travel Dept to make the arrangements just so they know that you are serious and to make sure you get the tickets.  Of course you must pay for the airfare.  You call make the arrangements and probably give your credit card company.  The day you are supposed to leave you get to the airport only to find out you have no tickets and your bank account is now compromised. 
If you are applying to be an actor do some research and make sure it is a reputable company.  When you think of the amount of actors out there on lists waiting to be called for any opportunity what are the chances you are really getting picked from answering a newspaper ad.   Now keep in mind there are always legitimate acting opportunities in most cities, there is typically some kind of casting call and audition and you will be able to tell that everything is on the up and up.   Slow down and take some time to look into things before handing over valuable information.

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