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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Paid to read email

Get paid for reading email.  Sounds like a pretty nice and simple way to make some money huh?  A lot of people do read emails and have learned how to put this plan to work for them.  I don't believe you ever make a whole lot but if you can spend a few minutes a day and bring in a few bucks why not?  The idea is that a site is set up and businesses pay for advertising.  They like this kind of advertising because you have to look at their ad if you want to be paid.

Of course there have to be sites that set up a program, get advertisers and want you to read the emails but then they don't pay. 

The members at wahm have been keeping a great list of the sites that don't pay.  Before you sign up to read emails take a look and make sure that site isn't on this list.


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