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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Write an E-Book

This is an opportunity that would fall under freelance writing but I never gave it much thought until this past week. 
A friend of mine has written an e-book which you can see at  After looking at his e-book and what it offered it brought to mind a lot of things for me. 
I had always thought of e-books as "schemes", most sell information that might be useful to some people but most of the people who buy them find that they are disappointed. 
Now granted most of my experience with e-books is in the work from home field so we are talking about a lot of books that claim you can make money typing or doing data entry and then they tell you how to do the whole clickbank thing basically. 
What I realized after looking over Dear Carl was that you could (and people do) write an e-book that is valuable and worthwhile.  You can also sell it and make money!
What a great opportunity for anyone with a burning desire to write!

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Mary Rita Earle said...

Wow, Connie, I just ran across your blog while surfing for blogs related to mine home based business. I really found your post Write an E-Book quite absorbing and look forward to more.

Connie said...

Im glad you enjoyed it Mary! Thank you