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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Flipping Houses

With the advent of some popular television shows, "flipping" has become a phenomenon that everyone wants to get into.  If it's something you are thinking about as an easy way to make money from home there are some things you should know.  A number of websites have popped up that claim you can use their money for the purchase, repairs etc.  They train you in how to find homes and place bids.  So all you have to do is some research to find some good properties, take care of getting the repairs done, submit a bid and then when all is said and done you get ten to fifteen percent of the sale price.  What a great deal!  Here is the catch.  I have seen one company that charges $5000.00 for the training!  Typically these places are also only willing to place really low bids so if you live in an area where the general cost of a home is $300k your bids will probably not get accepted.   The one company I researched in this had a pretty low reputation among the people who had joined.  Although I did hear of people getting their refunds pretty fast in all fairness. 
If flipping is something you want to get into, the best thing to do is learn about real estate in your area.  You can purchase foreclosures by visiting
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