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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Payperpost. Wow!  I just found out about this website and started to sign up but then I decided to do a little research.  It's amazing how much controversy one website can produce in such a short time frame! 
Payperpost matches up advertisers with bloggers.  The blogger can sign up and then view a list of available offers.  The offers pay anywhere from $5 to $10 currently. 
Here is where the controversy starts.  Payperpost does not require a blogger to disclose that they are being paid to give favorable reviews of the products.  Most people feel this is going to give a bad reputation to bloggers.  The blogging community is grounded in transparency and some people feel that if bloggers are giving favorable reviews for profit and not disclosing that information it will have a negative impact on the blogging community in general.
What about the fact that very few if any website owners (I have seen one in five years) disclose that they are being paid to host googles ads?  Any website owner can tell you that most people who are not making money online don't realize that those ads are advertising.  I realize it states in small print that they are just ads but most people overlook that part and click on the links believing that the website owner they have come to trust believes the ad is a good company and supports it.  If we are going to bash payperpost bloggers for not disclosing they are writing advertisements then shouldn't we do something about making sure our visitors know that the advertising they are seeing is not neccesarilly endorsed by us? 
What if my blog tells you upfront that I am writing advertising and being paid for it?  If all bloggers were required to do this would all the naysayers feel better about it? 
I am still on the fence about joining payperpost and after I have given some thought to these questions I may go ahead and do it.  I can tell you right upfront if I do decide to sign up I will put a disclosure on my blog.  I don't want to risk my reputation.  :) 
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