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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Autosurfs/Investment Programs

This one will probably touch some nerves but it is todays topic.
Recently there has been a lot of news coverage on this type of program thanks to 12 Daily Pro. 
Remember I am not giving it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  Just my opinion.  I watched this program from the start and I have seen people who believe very strongly in it.
I think it is one of those deals that with just using your common sense you can see what is happening.
In this type of program and I will use 12DP as an example here, you "upgrade" by placing money into the system.  Lets say $600.00, after your "upgrade" expires you collect 12% and then you are free to "upgrade" again. 
For a lot of people just using the basic good sense of not investing more than they could lose was good enough incentive to give it a try.  Once they got their investment back they took it out and played with the earnings.  This is all fine and good in theory. 
In this type of program you can also earn money from getting others to join and invest and then you earn part of their earnings. 
This is where I personally believe a lot of people are going to find themselves regretting joining. 
Look at it from this perspective:  I believe the only possible way they can be paying out 12% is if they are taking money from the other members to pay you.  Take money from Sal to pay Joe in otherwords.  What does this make the program?  A ponzi, which is illegal. 
The defense to this is that they were supposedly accepting advertising dollars.  Im not real sure how that comes in to play and maybe it is a loophole they found.
If I am right though and it is a Ponzi and you invested money, no biggie.. If you iinvested money AND brought in referrals then you might be looking at a whole different barrel of pickles.  That would make you an accessory to the crime. 
I believe this is all currently under investigation and I personally can't wait to see what the outcome is.  There were a whole lot of naysayers and a whole lot of supporters.  It seemed to be pretty well divided and I am just anxiously waiting to see who was right.
In the meantime I would be very careful in joining this type of program.  If you want to invest your money we have a stock market!
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