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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Take Surveys Make Money!

Okay, I just realized I can't really have this blog and not address this issue.   Im not sure you can do a search on anything anymore without getting bombarded with ads saying that you can make hundreds of dollars an hour taking surveys.
Here is the claim:  You pay $39.95 or something close and they will send you surveys. In the case of one you will immediately get a survey worth $25!  So wow.. that means you get almost all your money back right?  Wrong...
Here is the way it works:  You pay the money and then you get an email that gives you a password to get into their database.  You sign up with each survey company individually and then occasionally you will get survey offers.  
Here is the catch.  These lists usually also include a bunch of other sites that will sell you lists, they include survey sites that just want to harvest your email and send you spam and they include sites that will let you complete surveys as long as you sign up for their offers.
Here is the truth:  There are a lot of survey stes that will pay you money for taking surveys.  You will not make hundreds of dollars an hour everyday.  If you sign up with the majority of survey companies you can probably expect anywhere from 5-20 survey offers a day.  Most of these will offer to enter you into a drawing.  These original surveys are actually screeners and you will want to take them.  Once you get through the screener and qualify for the study THAT is when they will make you an offer to continue on for a certain amount of money or a new product test. 
Now there are some studies that automatically tell you that you will make a certain amount of money if you qualify for the study.  I qualified for a $200 study last week.  By the way, I also won one of the drawings.. $100 last week.  So it was a good week! 
This isn't a typical week though.  I generally make about $50-$75 a week taking surveys but there have also been weeks when I didn't make anything. 
The longer you take the surveys, the more you get offered. 
Now these lists also promise you something like over 500 survey sites.  Well that might be true but by the time you weed through the junk sites you are down to a number closer to 200 or so and of those only about 20 send out surveys regularly.  I am going to give you the ones I get the most surveys from right now and if you want to sign up for the others just click on the link to your right.  That list is also free. 
Bottom Line:  Don't waste your money!
Make your opinion count!   
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