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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Telecommuting Jobs

Truth be told, probably at least 90% of the people I meet who are looking to work at home are looking for a job.  They want to work from home but for someone else versus starting their own business.
Because so many people are looking for these types of jobs it has become very fertile ground for scammers.  They set up sites to make it look like you are applying for a data entry position when in reality they are just wanting to sell you information about how to places ads online or some such nonsense. 
Try to keep in mind that these jobs are in high demand.  You can apply but you might not hear back right away or at all.  Apply with as many companies as possible to increase your chances and keep trying.  If you need to be working immediately, check your local paper or think about going a different route with your own business or some other income builder.
Here is a short list of actual companies that hire people to work from home:
You can find a more detailed list of these types of companies at:  Katies Hugs
Cheryl at does an excellent job of keeping a list of up to date work at home jobs that she finds.  I checked this morning and the list was updated just a few days ago so check it often at
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