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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Transfer Agents

In yesterdays post I briefly mentioned work at home jobs that have a variety of job titles the most common being "Transfer Agent".
What they want you to in a nutshell is put money that they send you into your bank account.  You then keep a portion of the money and send the rest to them through Western Union.
Seems simple enough right?  One website I visited recently even admitted that they were doing it this way to avoid taxation fees overseas! 
Heres what can happen:  First you give them full access to your bank account because they ask for not only your account number but your routing number as well.  Now a lot of "smart" people decide they will just set up a bank account just for these transactions and then they won't be risking their own money.  Wrong!  Remember the nigerian scams?  So you get a money order or cashiers check from the company, deposit it into your "safe" account, usually by the next day or maybe second day the money is available to you so you take out all but what your fee and Western Union the rest to the company.  A week or so later you get a notice from your bank that the check or money order was fake and now you are responsible for all that money you sent.  Money sent through Western Union can't be traced. 
There is another version of this where the company tells you they need a go between for them and ebay buyers.  This might be the same thing happening in the above scheme or the above scheme might really be part of the scheme outlined next.
One lady I know who signed up for this one got the money into her account through paypal.  She was then supposed to Western Union it.  She got a little nervous and tried contacting the "buyer" who it turns out was part of the scam.  What these guys were actually doing was taking the money they got from "phishing" and trying to get it into their accounts without being traceable.  So they stole money from peoples bank accounts, transferred it to her bank account and then she was supposed to keep a portion and Western Union the rest. 
The one thing all of these types of scams have in common is that they are making sure the money can't be traced back to them in the end. 
If you run across this type of job and find yourself tempted please trust your instincts and don't get involved.  It would be wise to report the company.  How great would it be if we all got together and put a stop to these schemes?
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