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Monday, March 13, 2006


Lets talk about another great company that will allow you to run your own business and work from home.  Watkins has been around for 138 years!  How is that for well established? 
Watkins sells some terrific old fashioned products.  Personally I love these types of products, linaments, ointments, spices, etc.
Becoming a Watkins representative is a wonderful way to make money from home.  You can get started with a minimal investment, you can sell products completely online if you wish and you can also partner with retail establishements in your area and supply them with your products.  They have a great opportunity. 
If you are interested in this opportunity please take a moment to read the interviews done with Watkins reps at Work-At-Home-Mom
You will get some fantastic insider information from people who are currently working with Watkins and find out if it is for you.
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