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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Blogging has become a popular way to make money and Blogitive offers bloggers a way to make money pretty easily. 
After your blogs are approved for blogitive they will email you "offers".  These offers are typically words to use with a specific link.  You might have the words "dog food" with a link to a dog food advertiser.  For every offer you accept and if your article is approved you will get paid $5. 
It is a pretty simple way to add to your income.  The fun part is trying to figure out how to get the words to fit into your blog and make sense..
If you have a blog this could be a good way to pick up some money.  I know a lot of people who make money with Blogitive and love it.  However, to be completely objective there is an article here that you should read as well so that you are as informed as can be.  Personally I have yet to hear of anyone experiencing the problems he predicts could happen.. you just never know!
One of the problems Dave mentions is the low pay.  Now looking at it from an advertisers perspective it is a great deal because it is so low and you could possible reach a lot of people.  From the perspective of the person putting the advertising on their blog it is low if you are someone who typically gets a premium for your advertising spots, from the perspective of beginning bloggers who want to make some extra money, it is a great price!  So it's all in how you look at it!
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