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Friday, May 05, 2006

Make Money Watching TV

This claim kind of surprised me and I found it a little interesting because I could see where it might work but at the same time it isn't anything that someone would be glad they paid to find out. 
 Basically you start watching television and pay attention to the commercials, notice how you feel when you watch it, look for any errors and blatant mistakes.  Pay attention to what time the commercials are on etc. 
Once you have a good packet of information especially concerning errors, start contacting businesses that are advertising in your area and see if you can't get them to hire you to do the same thing for them.  You will watch their commercials and give them advice on how they can be better, you could also let them know when their competitors are advertising and how you compare their commercials with the competitions.
 You hire out your services to watch commercials.  I really don't know if anyone has ever done this or if it could be done.  I would imagine that most companies who care actually have in house people who already do this but you never know, Anything is possible!
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