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Monday, May 01, 2006

Writing from home

Writing is something a lot of people really enjoy and it is a great way to make some income from home.  There are a lot of ways to make money using your writing skills.
Of course you can always write a book and there is always the world of blogs. There are also a ton of other ways you can work at home and making money legitimately by writing.
You can do a lot in the world of freelance writing.  You can be a proofreader, copywriter, freelance reporter, a technical writer or write articles for websites.  This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to writing. 
I recently came across a great blog that lists freelance writing jobs everyday.  It is amazing how much is out there!  If you are looking for a writing job this is definately an area with a lot of promise.  Visit the Freelance Jobs blog at and start making some money with your writing skills!
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Web2earn said...

Hello, I think you touched some interesting aspects of freelance writing here. My question is, however, how you see the earnings that can be earned through content writing. I know most clients will pay you for each project – a freelance writing project might include 5 articles or 500 articles. There are also different pricing standards for various types of writing jobs. The regular price for a ghostwritten article is around $6-$8 for a 350 word – 400 word article. While you might not find this to be much, you should know that, after a month or two of writing articles, you will manage to write 3 articles an hour, which makes for about $20 - $25 per hour. There are many online writers that have a steady freelance writing salary on which they rely for all their financial needs.

Is this potential earning sufficient to consider freelancing as a steady income? I am trying to get more perspectives for a guide on freelance writing that I am putting together on my website,

PLease let me know what you think.


Michael R.

Connie said...

Hi Michael, you make an interesting point. Most people would consider $20-$25 an hour a great income! The key is: Can you find enough jobs so you can work at least a few hours a day at that rate? I think it is possible that you can work a full day using your writing skills but it might be broken up into different areas. You might have some jobs writing articles, you might write some articles on your own and submit them to content sites that pay, you might start a couple of blogs and make money from those.
I think the answer to your question is yes you could earn a steady income but it will depend on you and how much time and creativity you are willing to put into it as well.
Now keep in mind I am not an authority. There are a number of sites where you could probably get some better information for your research. I would suggest looking for a forum with freelance writers who are actually earning their money solely from freelance writing. Thank you for your great comments!