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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I came across the name Quixtar just a couple of days ago and thought something just didn't seem to make sense to me.  I had planned to look into it more later that day but got sidetracked.  Then yesterday I recieved an email from someone letting me know this would be a great company to add to this blog and they were even nice enough to give me a starting point. 
There was recently a whole investigation into this company.   It is a company much like Amway,  you sign up to sell their products and make commissions and you can also recruit others onto your team and make money from their sales as well.   There are lots of people who will testify they are making a lot of money every year with this company.  According to the investigation one of the recruiters said it was possible to make a quarter of a million dollars a year with only an investment of around 15 hours a week!  Well I would love to sign up to make that kind of money!
As the investigation continued the reporters were heavily encouraged to go to seminars and read a lot of motivational materials.  The motivational books and tapes were all available through Quixtar distributors. 
This is where I think I should let you read the investigative report itself.  It was very well done and extremely insightful.  If you are even thinking a little bit about joining Quixtar you absolutely must read this:
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Beverly said...

I am a mom and grandma and my husband and I are independent business owners associated with Quixtar. I had a healthy scepticism when I first heard about this business, but I have had only good experiences. The people I am associated with are honest, reliable, trustworthy and have invested their time to help me. I use the books, tapes and seminars to help me learn and grow and I do not blame anyone else for my productivity or lack of it. I am truly responsible for my own business. A simple concept of buying from yourself and getting a cut from the manufacturers for my own volume and credit for driving traffic to their products and services make sense to me. The money comes as a result of the volume generated and never from the people who use the products and services. There has never been a quota or anyone telling me what I should or should not invest in my business. The hardest part of any enterprise is taking responsibility for my own actions. I must be accountable, and I have a support team that only encourages me. This is one of the most positive things I have ever done in my life and I will continue to learn, grow and help others because this is the "real deal."

Beverly said...

I found it interesting that a Dateline report would spend more time talking to someone who left the Quixtar organization to start his own network marketing business in competition with Quixtar. There were no interviews with the major manufacturers and retailers who market through the Quixtar company. For a more balanced view talk to Easter Seals and take a look at the latest issue of SUCCESS magazine, not to mention the Better Business Bureau. Traditional businesses and educational systems are doing less and less these days to ensure a good return on your investment, never mind securing an adequate retirement. I choose to be an independent business owner associated with Quixtar because I have more control over what I do and do not make, and I have the opportunity to secure my future. Check it out.

Connie said...

Thanks for giving us a different viewpoint Beverly! You are right in believing that you and you are alone are responsible for your success. That applies to anything we do and is very important when you are running your own business. I think the thing that bothered me most in the investigation was the pushing of motivational tools. You do need to be motivated and I have no problem with that. You would think though that since the motivational tools are so beneficial to the owners of the companies that they could offer a library where reps could borrow them or set up an online system for everyone to use them instead of selling them. I really was very surprised that the most successful people in the business were the ones selling the motivational materials. This might all just be a temporary black mark on the company and hopefully they can turn it around so everyone can see the company in a good light.

Beverly said...

I appreciate you comments, Connie. I think there is a misconception here about the motivational material. The CD's are about 1/2 the cost of a retail music CD on the market today and the books are very reasonable also as the bulk rate savings are passed on to the independent business owners. Each business owner is mentored by a team of business owners who do indeed on an individual basis loan out and share materials. This is done on a team level. What I love is that the mentorship of those who are helping us learn how to build a profitable business is FREE. The cost comes out of their own pockets, some who have flown across the country at their own expense to help us build our business. It is a long-term investment and trust that the return will be exponential. We have seen success and are growing also. My husband and I are helping people in other states and we drive or fly in our own expense to help the team grow. At a certain level, there is money that can be made through the sale of educational material which seems fair at a certain level of business development to offset what has been spent in helping others build their businesses. This is a business after all and there is compensation for time and effort invested. I sure hope that this helps clear up this issue. The fact is that seminars for any business in this country usually cost a corporation thousands of dollars to have only one person to attend. The only out-of-pocket expense I have is the amount I choose to invest in a business with no upfront investment. Given the dismal failure rate of most businesses, I am grateful that my risk is only that I spend money on products I am using anyway and some books, tapes and seminars that have had a positive influence on my life. As I said, only positive coming from me and my association with this business model and its people.

Javert said...

What all these critics avoid pointing out is that Quixtaris the largest and most successful company of its kind out there and the reason for that is its training organizations.

The profit sharing within the organizations, first off, is not some big secret as the report claimed and, second, is essential in order to have a quality product that continues to improve(Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations.)