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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Start a Cleaning Business

I found this blog all about starting a cleaning business.  I loved it so much I am writing about it here and I also reviewed it on my other blog. 
I think I like this business because you automatically have a huge list of customers.  This is a service that businesses need as well as individuals. 
My husband worked nights for a cleaning company for awhile and I also have a friend who works for a cleaning company.  It always amazes me when I hear about the places that they were hired to clean.  I always thought it was strictly something that either rich people or businesses who needed night cleaning utilized.  However there is more to it.  After a new home or business is built they need someone to go in and clean up.  This can be extremely time consuming when you think of all the sawdust and dirt and grit that is left behind by the builders.  I always thought they were just very neat when they built a place! :)
There are also elderly people who can't keep up with their homes, there are people who are just too busy to clean and the lists go on.  If you can set up a reasonable price I might even take you up on it!  As I was just thinking about this I realized I also have two friends who run their own cleaning business!  It really is a terrific opportunity and if you are looking for a business to start you might really enjoy this one.
Take a look at this blog and see if starting a cleaning business might not be the right business for you!
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