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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

1 Step System

This is one you will definately need to do some research on if you are thinking of joining.  From what I have been able to gather.  1 Step System is a marketing tool.  You spend around $600 to get the marketing information.  It is supposed to tell you how to market your business and drive traffic to your websites, etc, etc.  Everything to do with marketing.  Now you can use that information to make your business a success or you can sign up to resell the 1 Step System and make money as well.  From what I understand you pay a monthly fee and you use the marketing techniques you learned to get people to come to your 1 Step System website and register for a phone call.  The call is placed by one of the owners if I have it right.  If he talks anyone into buying the system you make $500 for the sale. 
It is all a little weird to me and there are lots of threads on message boards where you can do some research.  From the things I have learned I would personally stay away from this one but do some looking around and decide for yourself.
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