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Monday, April 10, 2006

Nigerian scams

I was looking at a "Get rich in 14 days" opportunity to find out exactly what it was about and share it with you when I ran across this site instead:
I decided this would be more fun to write about! 
At some point either you or someone you know has gotten those letters and emails from some person in Nigeria or elsewhere since this is spreading.  The letters usually state that the writer is a wealthy person or had a wealthy relative who died and now the government wants to take their money.  They need your help.  Would you please allow them to deposit a huge sum of money into your bank account and in return they will pay you a hefty fee.  It is worth it for them to pay the fee because they will still get to keep most of their money. 
Of course this is all a scam. 
I have oftened wondered how and why they decide to do this.  Well I think this website explains it all. 
It is just like all the get rich quick websites we are bombarded with but it is targeted towards Nigerians and promises them they can make lots of money and it will even help their country get out of poverty. 
There are probably a lot of people in Nigeria who are even more desperate to make decent money and escape than what you would see in other places. 
The part I found really funny is at the end.  If you scroll down you can find out how to make money by exporting Ox gallstones or breeding snails.
My point is this is a pretty obvious scam.. Take a look and imagine you are a Nigerian who is desperate to make money.  Would you fall for it?  When you are looking at businesses and programs for yourself try to keep this site in mind and see if you can find similiarities. 
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