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Friday, April 21, 2006

Plan4power is set up as a matrix.  My personal thought on these types of deals is that they are schemes.  The people who start them make some money because they started it and then they build up all the hype to keep people getting in.  Kind of like the old pyramid schemes.  When you go to the website they don't give you much information.  You have to join first naturally.  Then you can find out what is going on.  Basically they tell you that they are all working as a group to sell an e-book (they give no clue what this book is about) and then once you have referred a certain amount of people and gotten them to join you get to move into the second phase and everyone starts sharing in the profits of this ebook.  I have to give this one a thumbs down.
Here is a little bit from one of their hawkers:
"Here is a brief synopsis.

Plan4Power is a private organization of individuals. There is no cost to join, however, it is only open to individuals who have purchased the eBook which cost one-time $25.

We are a GROUP of PEOPLE who want the same goals.

We all want a downline that will NOT quit.

We all want to guarantee that if we take the time to promote something and BUILD a team, they WILL join us in the income streams that are recommended.

Plan4Power solves this simply.

When we promote Plan4Power we are helping the "group" make eBook sales to create revenue for the group.

When we our personal referrals result in sales, we get "credit" as their referrer in every program we join as part of Plan4Power.

Once someone has 2 people on their first level due to personal sales and/or spillover, the proceeds from those 2 eBook sales are used to pay that members' way into a monthly subscription based advertising co-op.

It is in this Phase II advertising co-op (which, by the way, will be called eProfitPromo and will be an eProfitEnterprises owned program run by Colette and Gayanna), that those eBook sales dollars are leveraged into income AND bonuses that give you (and your team) membership into outside businesses.

The key with Plan4Power is simple.

You only need to build a strong 2x4 team (which means those people also build a 2x4). At that point, you start earning and are paid into all the programs.

What happens on your lower levels (where you lose control on being able to help people directly yourself, as no ONE person can create enough spillover for 500-1000 folks by themselves) doesn't matter, because you get paid per person on those levels ... they do not have to be full.

Here's the incentive. Referring 2 people earns you MUCH more than doing nothing. And if each person refers 2, there will never be a "stall".

Referring 6 people qualifies you to earn THOUSANDS of dollars more per month.

Again, another built-in incentive for people to KEEP working until they AT LEAST have 6 people!

So, the only question is how fast can YOU and YOUR TEAM fill a 2x9 matrix?

That's just 1024 people.

Here's the income potential from the one-time $25 eBook purchase and
the benefit of accepting membership in Plan4Power (NO additional costs,
and NO monthly fees!):

When you have 30 ACTIVE people who each have 30 ACTIVE people on
their teams, you will have a Full 2x4 in the Phase II and Phase III
programs. Your earnings will increase as the levels below continue to
fill when each person refers 2-6 people in this 2x forced matrix.

Full 2x4 (30 people) = $994.50 per month

Level 5 (32) = $1802 + $994.50 = $2796.50 total

Level 6 (64) = $6964.50 + $2796.50 = $9761.00 total

The lower levels are based on performance (to reward those who
actually work). I encourage everyone to refer 2-6 people, so you can
benefit from the levels where the earnings really grow.

Refer 2 customers and earn on Level 7(128) = $10,690 + $9761.00 =
$20,451 total

Refer 3 customers and earn on Level 8 (256) = $16,922.50 + $20,451 =
$37,373.50 total

Refer 4 customers and earn on Level 9 (512) = $24,748 + $37,373.50 =
$62,121.50 total

Refer 5 customers and earn on Level 10 (1024) = $46,554.50 +
$62,121.50 = $108,676 total

Refer 6 customers and earn on Level 11 = (2048) = $20,480 + $108,676
= $129,156 total

Total team members = 4096 to earn more than $1 million per year.

If you're like me, and you find 2 more people like us, well, you're going to have no problem.

If you join I will give you two adsense books for free: Adsense Secrets and Adsense Empire which sells on the internet for $97 and $67 respectively. Visit the websites below to have a look - this is not a FREE stuff - You will not get such a great deal for only one-time $25."

You won't get a good deal falling for this either more than likely!"
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