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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Telecommuting is a very legitimate way to work from home and make money.  Telecommuting is a "job".  You work for a company from your home.  Sometimes the companies will provide you with a computer, software, phone line etc.  Other times you provide the computer and phone line and they reimburse you for calls.  There are many ways it can be set up.  The big difference is that you are working for a real company, this does not mean you answer an ad in the classifieds and pay a fee.  You actually fill out a real application, have a background check sometimes, get interviewed etc.  One place you can find out about these jobs is at, they update their list very often with real job listings and you can also see a list of the companies that others work for and apply with those companies as well.  The important thing to remember when you are looking to telecommute is that it should be JUST like if you went out to a company and filled out an application.  The process is the SAME.   There are no easy "send us $35 and we will give you all the data entry jobs you can handle" jobs.   Visit this link for the updated job list at
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