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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My google job

I just found and it looks to be another name for a dataentrypro type program. 
You will pay them money and they will tell you to go to clickbank, set up an account, and choose some companies to start advertising for.  Then you will need to set up an adwords account at google.  Once you have done that you will place advertisements for the companies you affiliated with.  You will pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements. 
You make money whenever someone clicks on the ad and then makes a purchase.  Now in reality if you can find great companies this all might actually be feasible.  However I have heard of people who spent more placing the ads than they ever made from actual sales. 
I love the part in this advertisement that explains you can make good money running and maintaining a website but that it takes a lot of work.
In my opinion affiliate advertising has gotten a bad name because of the above type programs. However the fact is you CAN set up a website and WORK it everyday and make money from affiliate advertising.  nbsp; 
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TheWonderer said...

Hi there Connie,

I am from Malaysia and a mother for 2 active boys , 8 months and 2 year old.
I m looking for a start to earn something from the net. but to spend on any making money schemes ...I am not so sure. well you know that 1USD = 3.7 Malaysia Ringgit. so I need to speed wisely and only ONCE!! and better make it roll! to register site with for business can cost me 400 malaysia ringgit. What do you think about Affiliate CAsh VAult??


Jenny said...

Awesome Article.. WHY oh WHY would you pay to do something like this?

Thanks for the head up on the scam.. Wonder if GOOGLE knows this company is smearing their name with this scam.. How dare they use "GOOGLE" in their name. It's a shame.

Your blog rocks!