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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Liberty League International

Liberty League International appears to sell information.  You in turn sell this information to others and make money.  There is a lot of disagreement about how ethical this concept is.  I read a lot of reports from people who stated that after you spend your hard earned money (and it isn't cheap) to get the original CD's and binder you will then be pressured into spending thousands of dollars to go to conferences. 
What strikes me is the number of complaints they have especially in the sales area.  That alone would be enough to make me very cautious.  
While I was researching this company I came across this message on a message board and wanted to share it with you.  It is well written and only details one persons experiences with this company but I feel it is also a great lesson on why you should be careful and do some research before you join in any venture.  This was written by username NoName:
Everyone here please read my story with LLI. Specially if you are thinking about signing up soon.

I joined in Jan 2005 totally excited and blown away on the commissions and how so many people were making the money they were. I thought, hey I'm pretty smart I know I can do this. I made friends in the business fast and attended all the events. I was a little disappointed when I found out other people were in the business for months with no success but I thought I was better and could follow through. I'm confident, great on the phone - I was the perfect person to be the next big LLI success story.

So I did everything "they" said and I mean everything. I read 50 affirmations every night. I listened to my CD's in my car just about everyday. I didn't watch much TV and radio before I got in to LLI, so that helped already. I spent thousands on ads and leads and called over 1100 people. I got qualified my first 3 weeks. Then all hell broke loose. I could not signup anyone for the life of me.

I poured my heart, life and soul and sacrificed things. LLI was my life and it was all I cared about. I thought shane was God and I loved all the people in the business. I borrowed $10,000 from my dad. I told my dad I was positive about everything and I even faxed him an agreement that I would pay him back in full by April 4th 2005 (I remember it very vividly). I already had my own business so i used all my earnings on LLI. I had the gas shut off in my house, I had the water shut off and also the electric shut off. I still till this day have all those notices they hang on your door knob. Our new house of only 6 months entered foreclosure. We had this house custom built to our liking, everything to carpet, flooring, wall texture and paint. But I had one thing in mind and it was all about "where I was going". I guess God tried to give me a clue and I didn't respond.

After 6 months of poring my life into this business I lost my house and my wife and I got a divorce. She hated the business. I now live in a 1 bedroom apartment and see my son 1 week a month and I'm $25000 in debt. My life turned upside down.

Few months after I got my self back up on my feet and got my self back into what I enjoyed doing more. Long story-short I now make 6 figures a year and met a beautiful women that loves people that are determined to reach thier goals. I'm planning on moving to Las Vegas to enjoy the heat.

LLI is just like anything else, you have to work just as hard. All MLM's are the same, they take the same amount of work and time and money, you just need to find out what is right for you. Better yet, open your own business and work it hard like you would LLI or anything else.

I'll be a millionaire someday but not because of LLI. I don't blame anyone for anything, you just need to do what you are good at and find a way to make money doing that. Forcing yourself doesn't work, as you see I have tried that.

Wish you the best of success.
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