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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Coupon Canada is apparently a home job where you pay a fee $39.99 or $29.99 (red flag right there) and then they send you a booklet with instructions. 
You are supposed to "process" coupons by putting them in order on a worksheet, you simply send the worksheets and coupons back in and then you get paid.  Wow.  How easy is that?
Well the truth is, first YOU have to find the coupons, they don't send them to you.  You list the coupons on their worksheet, send all the coupons in and get paid.  That is, IF the worksheets meet their specifications exactly.  I was able to find ONE person who had sent in three worksheets and got paid for half of ONE worksheet.  The rest were rejected for whatever reason. 
So, first you pay for the materials, then you pay for the newspapers and magazines to find the coupons and then you do all the work to get them in the right order and typed into the worksheets and then you MIGHT get paid. 
I have not found a single person who was happy with this company or their experiences.  I would give it a big NO THANKS...
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