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Friday, April 07, 2006

Power of People Network

The Power of People Network is a "gifting" program.  Apparently you are supposed to gift a few thousand dollars to a person and then a bunch of people will gift you a few thousand dollars.  Well now that sounds like win win situation, NOT.. 
Although the claim is that this is not a pyramid scheme it is pretty darn close.  They have apparently been operating just under the law.  Even so it seems they were shut down anyway. 
Be aware that they have reemerged though using the acronym POPN.  
You will see ad's like "Im POPN are you?"  This is the same people and you will lose your money.  I can't believe they ask for such a high amount of money to do this.  In one thread I was reading they even admitted that it was illegal to do this through the postal service and that any money sent through the postal service would be refused!  How crazy is that?   You can read about one persons experience here on Forbes message board:
You can also do a google search for "Power of People Network" (use the quotes) and you will see tons of listings about this being a scam.
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STOPthePOPN said...

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, please tune in to NEWS 8 INVESTIGATES on May 9th at 10 pm. The award winning investigative journalist, Brett Shipp, will expose POWER OF PEOPLE NETWORK, POPN LIFE CO and their founder, JON PARR of Texas.

STOPthePOPN said...

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX: ABC Channel 8 Investigates

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX: NBC Channel 5 Woman Loses Thousands In Pyramid Scheme -

Corsicana, Texas: Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas - Web of deceit? -

Philidelphia, PA: - Local News - The Investigators: Woman Says 'Gifting Program' Took Last Dime -

Some reporters are calling it The Power of the People Network, but it should say POWER OF PEOPLE NETWORK without "the" in the middle.